Frequently asked questions about Labor and Childbirth Doula Care

Labor and Childbirth Doula FAQ

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What kind of labor support does a doula provide during childbirth?

During childbirth, a doula provides emotional support, comfort measures, and information about your birth progress and medical procedures. Your doula suggests breathing techniques, provides massage, acupressure and positioning during each phase of labor. They can also facilitate communication between the birthing person and their healthcare providers, but will never speak for you.

Can a labor doula make decisions for me during labor and birth?

No, a doula's role is to support your decisions during labor and birth based on your preferences discussed during the prenatal period. They can provide information to help you make informed decisions, but they do not make decisions for you or speak on your behalf.

Will a labor doula replace my partner during labor and birth?

No, a doula could never replace the connection and bond you share with your chosen partner. Your doula complements the support from your partner, providing professional knowledge and experience with childbirth. They can also support your partner by offering them breaks and demonstrating ways to assist you during labor to participate at their comfort level.

How does a labor doula work with my healthcare provider?

A labor support birth doula works as part of your birth team, complementing the medical care provided by your healthcare provider. They can help facilitate communication between you and your healthcare provider and ensure that you have the information you need to make informed decisions.

Can a labor doula assist me if I choose to have an epidural or a planned cesarean birth?

Yes, a doula can provide support regardless of your birth path. All births are natural! Their goal is to help you have a positive and empowering birth experience, whatever that may look like for you.