Frequently asked questions about our on-demand newborn education series

Nurturing Your Newborn FAQs

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What essential skills does Nurturing Your Newborn teach?

The program teaches a range of essential skills, from basic newborn care, feeding, and sleeping patterns to understanding baby cues and promoting healthy infant development.

Is this program designed for parents of newborns only?

While focused on the newborn stage, the program's insights and skills are valuable for all new parents, regardless of their baby's exact age, providing a solid foundation for the early months.

How is the content of Nurturing Your Newborn delivered?

This is a multi-day thematic course. Content is delivered through a mix of online videos and downloadable resources, providing flexible learning options for parents.

Can both parents participate in the program?

Absolutely, the program encourages the participation of both parents (or other caregivers), recognizing the importance of shared understanding and teamwork in newborn care.

Does the program include post-completion support?

Post-completion support is provided, including access to a community forum and the option for a follow-up consultation to address any emerging questions or concerns.