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Trimester Wellness Workshop

Trimester Wellness Workshop

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    Embark on a Tailored Journey Through Each Pregnancy Trimester

    Date and Time: Saturdays - See Schedule

    Duration: 1 Hour

    Location: Zoom

    Seats Available: Limited to 8 Participants Per Class

    The Trimester Wellness Workshop is designed as a comprehensive guide to support expectant mothers through the dynamic journey of pregnancy. Each session, tailored to the specific needs of each trimester, promises to empower you with knowledge, tips, and strategies for a balanced, healthy, and joyful pregnancy experience.

    Workshop Highlights:

    • Trimester-Specific Guidance: Tailored advice that evolves with you and your baby's journey, ensuring relevance and impact.
    • Expert-Led Sessions: Benefit from the vast experience of our doula, who brings a wealth of knowledge and compassionate support to each class.
    • Interactive and Engaging: Participate in discussions, ask questions, and connect with a community of expectant mothers in a supportive environment.
    • Comprehensive Curriculum: From nutritional tips and safe exercises to emotional wellness and practical advice, every aspect of pregnancy wellness is covered.


    • Detailed understanding of your nutritional needs and safe, trimester-specific exercises.
    • Techniques and strategies for maintaining emotional well-being and managing pregnancy symptoms.
    • Actionable advice on sleep, stress management, and preparing for the next stages of pregnancy.

    Reserve Your Place Now: With spaces limited to ensure personalized attention, book your spot in our Trimester Wellness Workshop today and take the first step towards a healthier, more balanced pregnancy.

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    Common questions about our virtual pregnancy education class.

    Trimester Wellness Workshop FAQs

    What will I learn in the Trimester Wellness Workshop?

    The Trimester Wellness Workshop is a comprehensive program designed to support expectant mothers through each stage of their pregnancy. Focusing on holistic health, it includes nutrition guidance, exercise tips, and emotional wellness strategies tailored to each trimester.

    How can the Trimester Wellness Workshop help me during my pregnancy?

    This workshop offers personalized care plans, expert advice on managing pregnancy symptoms, and strategies for balancing work and personal life, ensuring a healthy and joyful pregnancy journey.

    Who leads the Trimester Wellness Workshop?

    The workshop is led by Brittany Nance, certified doula. The workshop provides evidence-based information and support, ensuring you receive expert guidance throughout your pregnancy.

    What topics are covered in the Trimester Wellness Workshop?

    Topics include nutritional planning, safe exercises for each trimester, emotional support strategies, and tips for a sustainable, eco-friendly pregnancy aligned with environmental values.

    Can partners attend the Trimester Wellness Workshop?

    Yes, understanding the pregnancy and childbirth processes is just as important for your partner as it is for you. Partner attendance is both welcomed and encouraged.