Frequently asked questions about our on-demand pregnancy education series

Trimester Transformations FAQs

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What changes and topics does each trimester in the series focus on?

The Trimester Transformations Series addresses the specific physical, emotional, and preparatory changes and challenges unique to each trimester, providing targeted support and guidance.

Can I join the series after my first trimester?

Joining the series is possible at any point in your pregnancy, with content and support tailored to match your current trimester and prepare you for the stages ahead.

Are there live sessions or is the series pre-recorded?

The series includes both live sessions for real-time interaction and Q&A, as well as pre-recorded content for flexible, on-demand learning.

What additional resources are provided with the series?

Alongside the sessions, participants receive access to a wealth of additional resources, including downloadable guides, checklists, and exclusive access to a supportive community of fellow expectant mothers.

How does the series support emotional well-being during pregnancy?

A key focus of the series is supporting emotional well-being, offering strategies for stress management, mindfulness, and emotional resilience to navigate the highs and lows of pregnancy confidently.