Common questions about our Virtual Doula Package services and support.

Virtual Doula Package FAQs

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What services are included in the Virtual Doula Package?

The Virtual Doula Package includes comprehensive prenatal support, virtual labor and birth guidance, postpartum check-ins, and personalized resources and planning tools, all delivered virtually.

How does a virtual doula support differ from in-person support?

Virtual doula support offers the same personalized care and guidance as in-person support but through digital means, providing flexibility and accessibility for those unable to have in-person support.

Can I meet my virtual doula before committing to the package?

Yes, an initial consultation with your virtual doula is available, allowing you to discuss your needs, establish a rapport, and ensure the service is the right fit for you before committing.

What platforms are used for virtual doula meetings and support?

Virtual support is provided through a variety of platforms including Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Meet, and Skype. Our default platform is Zoom, but the platform can be chosen based on your preferences for easy and convenient communication.

How flexible is the scheduling for virtual doula sessions?

Scheduling for virtual doula sessions is highly flexible, with options for daytime, evening, and weekend appointments to accommodate your unique schedule and needs during pregnancy and postpartum.